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On an alien world, mankind fights its last resistance against an onslaught of local fauna using advanced weaponry. Shoot things and survive as long as possible. Currently that means wave 5-8 as the pathfinding breaks after that :/

Currently development is on-going, we really don't know what more we will do with the game (bugs will probably be fixed at the least). Whatever we end up doing will be made available here.

Here's a trailer!!!

CONTROLS - Supports keyboard/mouse or xbox controller

  • WSAD/Left Stick -- to move
  • Mouse/Right Stick -- aim
  • Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger -- shoot
  • Space/Left Trigger – Afterburners
  • 1,2,3,4/D-Pad – Structure selection (while highlighting socket)
  • Escape/Start button – Pause Menu
  • Right Mouse Button/Right Bumper – Slow Mo Gismo
  • CHEAT BUTTONS (use if game glitches or you're having a hard time)
  • P – 1000+ funds
  • [ - Load Previous Wave
  • ] – Load Next Wave

Defeat enemies and don't die. Place turrets by highlighting sockets with the cursor and holding down appropriate Structure selection buttons. Turrets will degrade as they shoot, they must be repaired or replaced once they break. Enemies will try to destroy the reactor located at the end of the level. If they do destroy the reactor the game will enter panic mode, turrets can no longer be placed/repaired. To return to normal game mode, all remaining enemies must be defeated.


  • Jonathan Mercer @Zold2012
  • Brandon Villanesenor
  • Blake Sondergaard
  • William DeWitt Weaver @tehwillis

Sound Effects:


Cool Smoke Script we used:



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DIE METAL - Heartland 2015 windows build 45 MB